Need Inventory?

We Have Access to Cars in Canada

Many auto dealers are facing inventory challenges, having issues finding quality pre-owned vehicles,
and often they are paying way too much for these units. 

Acuity America Has the Answer

Introducing our End-to-End Cross Border Solution

Acuity America is proud to announce our Exclusive alliance with Diversified Vehicle Services (DVS), North America’s largest, finest, and most comprehensive Importer.

Fill your lot with competitively priced, quality vehicles and put an end to your inventory challenges TODAY!

3 Easy Steps in just minutes:

    1. Sign up- (Details Here) 
    2. Register with our proprietary interactive inventory management system, and see your vehicle’s export journey in real-time,
    3. Do what you do and purchase the vehicle through ADESA, Manheim, TradeRev, or Backlot online auctions and we do the rest!

Some of our unique services include:

              • Red Light- Green Buy Recommendations
              • Logistics management
              • Canadian/USA Conversion
              • Submit/Manage NHTSA package within 72 hours
              • Vehicle wholesale / Remarketing Services
              • Post-purchase service/insurance contracts
              • Registration and title processing
              • GST / Canadian Tax refunding service


          • Call or email today and experience the Acuity America Difference